Drive licence new or convert

Drive licence new or convert
Required Documents
IMPORTANT: You must present all of the following original documents to the DLT (no copies allowed):

– Passport (please make sure your visa stamps are valid and up to date)

– Proof of residence (work permit with residential address OR a certificate from either Thai Immigration or your home country’s embassy)

– Medical certificate (no older than 1 month)

We are experts at this process, having completed it countless times.

This Service Includes :
We has helped countless foreigners obtain a Thai driver’s license. We are experts at what we do and can promise an easy and straightforward process. You will have a new Thai driver’s license in your hands within 2 days!

– Fast Track Appointment At DLT
– Personal Assistant & Consultation
– Personal Translator / Interpreter
– Exclusive TDLS Training Materials
– Filing Of Application Forms
– All Government / License Fees Included

It Doesn't Need To Be A Hassle
The process of getting a new Thai driving license or converting a Foreign license can feel like a great hassle, especially to non Thai-speaking foreigners. At TDLS, we offer all our customers a convenient, stress-free, and timely solution.

In a hurry? We do more than just filling out your forms (which in itself is a struggle, to be fair) and provide translations. We are the best Thai driver’s license service agency in town and our specialty is fast-tracking your appointments and getting your Thai driving permit with the least hassle possible.

Book your appointment now, we will meet you directly at the office and make sure the process is smooth and speedy.

Book Your Appointment
We Check Your Documents
Meet At The Office
Get Your License In 2 Days

This is for new drive licence,
1 License (Car OR Motorcycle)
Only 4,500 thb

2 License (Car AND Motorcycle)
Only 5,500 thb

We Make It Fast And Easy
If you already have a license from your home country, we can help you secure a Thai Driver’s License in no time! In fact, you won’t have to take any exams beyond a physical test.

Having a driver’s license from your country will make the process of obtaining a Thai driving license less stressful. Thailand issues 2 separate driving licenses – one for cars, and one for motorbikes. As a result, you may hold 2 different physical cards, both of which can be obtained at the same time.

Upon applying for a Thai license, you will receive a temporary 2-year driving permit. After those 2 years, you must return to the Department of Land Transport in order to secure a regular driving license valid for the next 5 years.

Convert Your Foreign Drivers License To Thai
1 License (Car OR Motorcycle)
Only 3,500 thb

2 License (Car AND Motorcycle)
Only 4,500 thb

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