Luxury pool villa 538 sqm up soi 88 Hua Hin

15 500 000 Bt
Product Description:
Completely newly built pool villa on soi 88 ready to move in.
Land 770.4 sq.m.
Living area 537.48 sq.m.
4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms & 1 Toilet / 4 Built-in Closet furniture.
Out Door for master bathroom
Dining & Living room
Indoor European Kitchen & 1 Thai Kitchen at pavilion.
Laundry room.
Storage room and 2 Parking lots.
Step dome ceiling for every room.
Wooden dome ceiling in dining & living room, high ceiling and
luxurious design.
Beautiful wooden ceiling at pavilion.
Standard floor tile inside the house.
Floor area at the back of the house is tile work.
Walk way around the house is tile work.
Swimming pool terrace is tile work.
Outdoor Shower for pool
Swimming pool size 4 m. x 13.5 m & 7 heads jet Jacuzzi
Automatically filled water
7 under water lighting

L i v i n g A r e a

INDOOR = 201.59 OUTDOOR = 335.89
Master Bedroom 25.56 Pool terrace 135.79
Walk-in-closet 8.63 Backside terrace 21.24
Master Bathroom 12.18 Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi ( 4 x 13.5 ) 54.00
Outdoor shower master bathroom 3.78 Main Door Terrace 6.51
Walk way outdoor master bathroom 3.3 Outdoor shower 1.44
Bedroom 2 & Closet 18.24 Pool control room 10.47
Bathroom 2 5.03 Pool control room terrace 8.63
Bedroom 3 12.54 Pavilion 17.12
Walk-in-closet 3.52 Car park for 2 parking 38.35
Bathroom 3 4.80 Storage room ( Car Park ) 6.00
Bedroom 4 12.54 Walk way 36.36
Walk-in-closet 3.52
Bathroom 4 4.80
Toilet 5 2.04
Dining & Living room 51.17
Kitchen Area 15.01
Laundry room 4.94
Hall 10.00

1.General utility system within the project is a highlight.
1.1 Electrical work is underground type 3-phase system designed with
good standards having advantages as follow:
 Overview of the project looks beautiful because no electricity
poles installed on the ground.
 3-phase power system design is a higher technical and
investment standard of power system. Each house owner can
pay electricity bill directly to the government Electricity
Authority. In case of power blackout, for 3-phase power system
design, some part of electricity in the house still working while
the house with single phase power system will lose all

1.2 We using water supply from Pranburi which having much better
water quality. We provide 15,000 liter water reserve tank for each
house for pool and home use. A good quality pressure pump system
is installed.
1.3 We’ve invested on fiber optic system in the project support faster
and more stable internet connection, a gateway to modern life. 3BB
is selected as our internet network provider. Fiber-To-Home service
with internet speed at 30 Mbps – 100 Mbps. depend on each house
owner choice deal directly with the provider.
1.4 CCTV system will be installed in front of the project main gate and
picture feed can be seen at home and on their smart phone. They can
activate the automatic gate for the visitor after checking the CCTV
by switching on and off the remote control or on-off switch in the
1.5 Electric automatic entrance gate can be activated by on-off switch
inside each house or by remote control.
1.6 Project is a high security residential area without security guard as
an extra expense, we have a double-gate system instead (one project
main gate and one house entrance gate) activated by remote control
equipped with recordable CCTV (Remark1: Project members share
electricity expenses the automatic main gate, street and fence light
as actual paid to the Electricity Authority. Estimated not exceed 100

( Remarks : Some projects don’t have
the secondary ring beam to support the
roof, only steel structure being welded to
the steel from the pole. It’s faster and
cheaper but less strength)
-300 Baht per month. Remark2: Cost for maintenance may be
occurred from time to time for above mentioned equipments which
also will be shared according to actual paid. For your
acknowledgement, the 24-hour recordable CCTV system is
currently installed at project owner’s house.)
2.Project Highlight
2.1 Structural integrity in further enhanced by using a two-strata beam
construction principal, comprising of the primary ring beam to form
the ground floor and the secondary ring beam to form the main roof

2.2 Ceiling in gypsum with heat reflective foil.

2.3 All structure steel had passed Thai Industrial Standard (TIS)
2.4 Outer wall of the house is designed to be 23 cm. thick to prevent
heat and covered up 20 cm. thick of house pillars for better interior
2.5 3 set of Stiebel brand boilers are installed. The advantage for 3 sets
of boiler used is the consistency of water temperature when hot
water was used simultaneously. Also in case if one boiler were
broken other two would be running properly instead of no hot water
at all.

2.6 Termite extermination pipeline are installed in every house to
facilitate the maintenance for the residents.

( Remarks : The Project decided to
prevent termite problems in the long
run by installing the termite
extermination piping on the lower
beams around the building of each
house. This job will be done right
after pouring concrete for lower
beams. House will have a
possibility of termite problems if we
do not install the pipes since we are unable to inject the chemical
into the area under the house. If you need to inject the chemical
you need to drill the floor that makes an unpleasant look. Most of
the Projects do not install the pipes however, the customers need to
responsible for the installations themselves.)
2.7 We use PVC material for underground drain pipe around the house
which is stronger and has
longer service life than
asbestos pipe even
though the PVC is higher
in cost.( Remarks: This
is very important that the
Project has to put
forward since many
customers may not notice. Many projects use pipes made of
asbestos in many areas such as the pipe around the house outside
building, pipe run through septic tank, waster water pipe, and rain
water pipe. From our experience, the asbestos pipes always broken
and clogged when in used a long time since the pipes hidden
underground with high dampness and the soil subsidence problem.
Therefore, the Project has selected the PVC pipe that longer lasting
in underground moreover the price is above the standard of the

2.8 High quality teak wood for most doors and windows while some
are aluminum.

2.9 All wooden work for living room dome ceiling and ceiling batten
around the house.
2.10 Water pipe line around the house from water pump is bigger than
pipe line inside the house which connects to faucet for better water
distribution performance. Water supply plumbing consists of
zoning water closet valve for
bathroom and kitchen allows
easier maintenance work.
While maintenance, the system
can be shut down and repaired

2.11 Hitachi brand water pressure pump gives a more stable water
pressure even when using water simultaneously.
2.12 Water system by passing valve is installed in case of power
blackout to maintain water supply in the house.
2.13 All wooden window screens are slide screen type, not only for its
beautiful appearances but also to avoid jamming problem when
open window after curtains are installed.
2.14 Window edge inside the house will be decorated with granite top
for great appearances and
to take advantage of more
usable space.

2.15 Sanitary wares are the long established AMERICAN STANDARD
2.16 There are 4 bathrooms and 1 toilet equipped with following
- Bathroom1: Ceiling type rain shower and hand shower are
installed in wet area with tempered glass partition, 1 bath tub, 1
wall hung toilet, 2 basins with granite top wooden counter, 1

outdoor shower area with garden design which connect to
swimming pool allow you to enter the bathroom after nice
swimming without wet other area’s floor.
- Bathroom 2, 3, 4: Ceiling type rain shower is installed for
bathroom 2 and hand shower for bathroom 3 and 4 and all with
tempered glass partition, 1 toilet each, 1 basin each with granite
top wooden counter.
- Bathroom 5: 1 basin and toilet for guesses.
2.17 Electrical and telephone cabling is routed within conduit and
concealed within the wall.
2.18 Electrical installation includes main breaker switch (MDB) with
electronic safety device (Safe-T-Cut) and lighting timing device are
installed. Schneider brand is
selected for main breaker
box. A white cabinet is
designed to cover the main
breaker box for nice

2.20 Phillip brand of new LED down light products is selected for house
lighting system. It needs as
low as 3.5-7 watt of power
and it is designed to be
sealed for the whole unit so
no air-con or insect can
escape through it.

2.21 High speed internet both use wireless router and UTP outlet plug
which installed in every bedroom and living room.
2.22 Houses are designed to have standard drainage and sewage systems,
which are two completely separated systems.
2.23 We provide the garbage dump of each house. The rectangular
concrete box with a lid is attached to the wall in front of the house
in a beautiful area. The waste could be thrown from inside the
house and can be opened from the walls outside the fence so that
garbage men could easily remove and dispose the garbage.

2.24 JOTUN brand paint is chosen for all paint jobs both indoor and
outdoor. Wood stain is from BEGER brand.
2.25 All wall except fence, swimming pool control room and trash bin
will be applied one layer of lime and skim till smooth before
2.26 Rain gutter is made from Vinyl which more durable than traditional
material. (Remark: Rain gutter traditionally is made from painted
zinc, much cheaper but rust can be a problem later)
2.27 Wall type air-conditioner in all four bedrooms, living room, and
kitchen from DAIKIN brand. There are 2 air-con units in living
room area for better cool air circulation.
2.28 Not only normal key is provided but also a HAFELE master key is
provided as one key to open every door, except swimming pool
control room and outdoor shower which is aluminum door.
2.29 Terraces and corridors connecting the terrace area of the house is
tiling for its beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. (Sand
wash is cheaper but not good for long term)
2.30 Swimming pool edge and step using stone decoration which is
strong and durable in long term. (Sand wash is sharp and easy to
fall off)
2.31 Laundry room is installed with mixer faucet and sink for laundry


2.32 We provide the garbage dump of each house. The rectangular
concrete box with a lid is attached to the wall in front of the house
in a beautiful area. The waste could be thrown from inside the
house and can be opened from the walls outside the fence so that
garbage men could easily remove and dispose the garbage.

2.33 Pop-up type garden watering sprinkle system is installed under-
ground with timer system.

2.34 House entrance gate is stainless work with aluminum imitate wood
like. It is weather proof and very durable for long term. The gate is
activated by remote control.
3. Kitchen consists of two area: one European kitchen
indoor and one Thai kitchen at pavilion:
3.1 Indoor European kitchen:
Cabin : Plywood
Worktop : Black granite
Wall : Tile
Appliances & Other
 3 Electric stoves : Teka
 Chimney hood : Teka
 Sink & Tap : Teka & American Standard
 Refrigerator 19 Q & 2 door : Hitachi or Sumsung
 Oven : Teka
 Microwave : Teka
 Dishwasher : Teka
 Base unit front extension set : Hafele
( Both side of the stove)
 Half circle carousel fitting set : Hafele
 Larder unit front extension set : Hafele

3.2 Thai kitchen at pavilion:
 Cabin : Plywood & Teak wood
 Bar-B-cue stove : Hafele /
Char Broil
 2 Heads gas stove: Teka
 Sink & Tap : Teka & Hafele
 Mini Refrigerator : Hafele

4.Complimentary items:
4.1 Decoration picture on pavilion & fence with lighting system.
4.2 Electric meter and water meter installation fees will be borne by
the project. Electric meter and water meter warranty fees will be
borne by the house owner which can be redeem when transferring
the ownership.
4.3 Land and house transfer fees will be borne by the seller.
4.4 Termite extermination piping system is installed by the project but
the annual service fees will be borne by the house owner.
4.5 Lawn and garden landscape design.

4.6 Pop-up type garden watering sprinkle system is installed under-
ground with timer system.

4.7 Daikin air-conditioner installed in bedroom, dining room and
living room (2 air-con will be installed for the living room area for
better cool air circulation)
4.8 Full furnished
- Built-in wardrobe for every bedroom
- Curtain for all bedroom & living room.
- Bed and mattress with bedside cabinet for all bedroom
(bedding set is not included)
- Sofa set in the living room
- 8 seats dining table and chairs.

5. House guarantee
The owner agrees to guarantee the building in 2 parts as follow:
Part 1 The owner will not be charged for any fixing cost within
guaranteed period including:
1) House structure such as foundation, beam, pillar etc. for
5 ( Five) years guarantee period.
2) Other items such as walls, roof tile, rain gutter etc. for 1 ( One )
year guarantee period

Part 2 The project is not responsible for repairing but to facilitate the
house owner to coordinate and repair appliances that guaranteed by the
manufacturer such as air-conditioner, boiler, kitchen appliances etc.

6.Terms of payments
- Booking = 500,000 THB
- 98 % of the payment will be paid at the date of land and house
- Payment of the remaining amount will be made when receiving house
registration book with electricity and water meter were installed.

Price 19,800,000 baht NOW 15,500,000 baht offer welcome
No maintenance

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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