Private drug clinic and alcoholic Rehabilitation Course Hua Hin

462 000 Bt
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The clinic is in Hua Hin.

Optimize Your Rehab Detoxification and Treatment
Taking Drugs Addiction Treatment to The Next Level

Sahwan in Thai meaning is Heaven, is the ideal land, full of happiness. It is beautiful and well equipped for everything. When you reach Sahwan, you have changed your life. We turn you into a better one-better than you are.

We are in the area of 3 acres surrounded by mountains, sea, and very fresh air, the building is created with beautiful Thai and European architecture. The building is decorated with Thai identity. The founder is very proud of being Thai. We are a refreshing resort treatment center with a luxurious western style. At the same time, every square inch we put the details in Thai. We emphasise the beauty of the Thai way.
Sahwan is designed to make the client relaxed from tensions. The treatment is fully equipped with health rehabilitation. Our staff is ready to serve you with service mind, humble and full of smiles.

Sahwan has several rooms of different sizes. All rooms are spacious Comes with a large bed Each room has Thailand is known flowers such as Chaba (hibiscus), Bua Luang (Lotus), Fueng Fah (Bougainvillea) Chong Kho (purpurea, etc., along with other modern facilities to serve you.

We have a large outdoor swimming pool with a Jacuzzi. With a wide range of healthy drinks for you to enjoy the paradise of the day

We managed to find food, Especially Thai food, and Thai taste exquisite drinks, including various types of herbs

Moreover, we also have spa services, massage, Thai massage, and aromatherapy to create your balance. In the blood circulation and relax in different parts of the body during the healing recovers. To get a feeling rested and refreshed.

Normal price is 25,000 dollar for 1 month now 15,000 dollar.


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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